About Jolt Electric & Oil Burner Svc

Jolt Electric & Oil Burner Svc are Electricians situated in Litchfield, NH.
We can be found at 55 Charles Bancroft Hwy, Litchfield 03052

For over 23 years, serving Southern NH Jolt Electric is one of  NH best electrical companies
providing professional electrical installations and excellent customer service.

Providing you the assurance that your electrical job will be done right the first time by a
professional electrical contractor who care about you, your home or business.

We are an electrical, heating and air conditioning and plumbing contractor. Providing these
services to home residential, commercial and industrial customers.  We can service or replace your
existing heat pump, oil furnace, oil burner, water heater, central air unit, radiant heat system, oil
tank or gas furnace.

Call Eric @ Jolt Electrician  today at  # 603 231 4977 for your electrical services needs.
Eric Gibbons: Owner: cell # 603 231 4977