Heating Air Duct & Baseboard Repair and Installation: Extend
the life of your heating system and increase comfort with
proper heating air duct work and HVAC inspections.  Repair
of frozen pipes.  Add duct work or baseboard heat to rooms
or additions.

Whole House Humidifiers: Installation of a whole house
humidifiers to make your home or business more comfortable
in winter!

Heating Repair and Service: We fix all home heating
problems!  Boilers, furnaces, heatpumps!  Oil, gas, propane,
electric.  We work on ALL systems.

Heating Installation and Replacement: FREE estimate for the
best high-efficiency system for your home.

High-Efficiency Boilers and Furnaces: We have been
repairing, replacing and installing high efficiency systems for
over 23 years.

Energy Saving Thermostats and Controls: Easy cost effective
controls that will GUARANTEE you savings!  Ask about
outdoor reset controls or set back thermostats that can save
you money on your energy bill!
Eric Gibbons: Owner: cell # 603 231 4977